Activating the new 14 chakras of the AGE OF AQUARIUS!Energy Healing through Active Yoga Meditation

 The AGE OF AQUARIUS has started, characterizing a life of grace, ease, freedom and joy. It promotes individuality and originality to express our lives freely with the power of intention.

So are your body, mind and soul ready for release?

Or are you stuck in the Age of Pisces where lessons were learned by suffering, hard work and shuffling ourselves through the heavy energy of every day life?

AYM was especially developed over many years to help you to let go of all the above and embrace the light of the Age of Aquarius.

Rita Harrison's Willow Systems

The band iTeric composed the music especially for Rita Harrison’s Winter/Spring 2012 tour to activate and harmonize the newly awakened Aquarius chakras.

So bring all your family, friends and neighbors and enjoy this journey of easiness and joy and synchronize your whole system with the AGE OF AQUARIUS!

And don’t forget AYM is only new in Hawaii, Rita Harrison and her Willow System has been improving lives since 1986, so why should you be the last to make a shift, live your life and be happy?

Visit AYM for more information on workshops on Kauai. 




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