The Viva La Vida Site team is comprised of medical and wellness professionals, journal publishers and wellness industry leaders who are dedicated to empowering individuals through education. TheViva La Vida Site presents the most contemporary and cutting edge information on health and wellness in the US and worldwide.

Our intention is open doors and present pathways to:

  • Explore alternative choices offered in health and wellbeing
  • Consider the pros and cons of modern medicine – conventional, complementary and alternative
  • Become acquainted with and embrace the authentic self
  • Accept personal responsibility for actions and thoughts
  • Discover ways to live life to it’s fullest and appreciate each step along the way
  • Participate in volunteerism and service to those in need
  • Actively preserve the Earth’s beauty and natural resources
  • Walk the pathway towards inner peace and natural balance
  • Celebrate Life!

Our core beliefs are:

Life is a Gift! Everyone belongs here on the planet and there is plenty of room for everyone. Every person counts!

Medical practitioners from the conventional modalities to the alternative therapies can accept each other’s philosophies and work together for the complete “whole” patient care, mind, body and spirit.

Our approach is to:

  • Provide the dynamic principal Internet resource for the diverse healing modalities and therapies in the world
  • Use discernment in the research and the source of each article and video published
  • Exercise mindfulness in collaborations, presentations and directional suggestions